MyLearnView is in Beta

If the MyLearnView application stops working or behaves strange, try the following:

On Windows: Hold Shift and Ctrl keys down and hit the R-key.

On Mac: Hold Shift and Ctrl keys down and hit the R-key. 

This will do a "hard reload" of the page, and things will probably start working again. 

If the above does not help: Sign out of MyLearnView and sign back in. 

If the MyLearnView application still does not work as expected, sign out from MyLearnView, Quit Chrome (you need to quit the Chrome browser completely, closing the window is not enough), start Chrome again and log in to the MyLearnView application.

If you want to help us:

Keep the not working open and hold down Ctrl and Shift keys while hitting the J-key (on Mac Cmd+Option+J). 

This will open the "Javascript Console". Make the size of the opened dialogue large enough to make the complete error visible, take a screenshot of this and send it to